We believe that every moment in the life of a child is a time to learn: “Every moment is a teachable moment”. The driving force of Play & Learn is play, which is a source of spontaneous learning. Play varies depending on the children’s age, personality and needs.

The Play & Learn Preschool curriculum is based on the principles of respect and responsibility. It relies on the intrinsic and spontaneous need of the children to explore and allows for a self-guided curriculum. In a safe environment, guided by free expression through English experiential play, we learn to share, use our words and engage in group games, in a free or organised way. In the Play & Learn case, the English language becomes the means and not the end in itself.

The Preschool curriculum is especially enriched with particular activities that help reinforce self-confidence and self-esteem on the part of the child, among other things, such as the Mitzvah Tree, All about me, Handwriting without Tears and Music and Movement. Moreover, the curriculum is based on supporting the educators and the parents, who form a community of adults underpinning the children’s learning.

The environment is designed around the principles of respect and responsibility. With plain and simple lines and colours, Play & Learn is the projection of the child’s home and has been designed to evoke a lot from their home. Photographs of their family or materials or tools like real spoons or children’s shoes and clothes recreate a familiar environment for the child.

The outside area is designed with respect to nature in mind: the slide, the wheels, the sand, the wood and other natural, musical items become the target of daily exploration and discovery.

Each class comprises 12-17 children and is available from 7.30 a.m.-16:00 p.m. from 1st September until the end of June.

Parents' testimonials

Parents' testimonials



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